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AF5 Series Aluminum Finisher

Solid Carbide with Square and Radius Options

5 Flute

Swiftcarb Series AF5 Aluminum Finisher Mill

The AF5 finishes 66% faster than a 3FL and 25% faster than a 4FL. It is the ultimate tool for fast finishing in Aluminum. Faster than the 4FL on outside walls and on the inside of parts when there is room to drive the corners.
  • Improved Flute Design Makes It The Fastest Way To Finish Aluminum
  • Tightest Standard Tolerances In The Industry For Unmatched Consistency
  • Premium Micrograin Carbide Blanks And Eccentric Relief For Superior Strength And Wear Resistance
  • Micro-Polished Edge Prep And Double Rake Flutes With A Wiper Flat For Mirror Wall And Floor Finishes

Select Tool Diameter

0.250 0.312 0.375 0.437 0.500 0.562 0.625 0.750 0.875 1.000 1.250